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Primary Servers - The casual reader might make the mistake of thinking this machine gets its name from a certain famous military installation, but the surprising truth is that it's the other way around. Yes, folks, the DoD has nothing on DoddsNET where this box is concerned. This norad, so old that it too was carved completely out of solid rock, runs happily at 100MHz with its 486DX4 chip. With 48MB of RAM and 4GB of drive space at its disposal, this most happy of nuke-resistant linux boxxen serves DoddsNET's mail and web space, and also sports a tiny MUSH. - Once considered a redundant backup, sheridan has gradually become an integral part of the DoddsNET project. This Gateway-built and ISU-customized 486/66 with 32MB of RAM is now the Dodds anonymous ftp server, thanks to our purchase of a 3.5GB drive <yay!>. Resource-intensive experiments often find themselves exiled here.

Users' Personal Machines - After finally getting the promised refit acquired is now running with 4.2 Gb of fast wide SCSI drives, 16 Mb of ram, and a ThunderLan ethernet card... And Zeke still isn't telling anyone where all this came from... - Our business administrator, Sunago (whose name comes from the Greek for "eat lead, sucka"), spends far too much time staring at the monitor attached to this machine. Whether he's designing more graphics with which to offend Niles-Foster or screaming sunago at his opponents in another round of crunchy death, this P90 with 24MB of RAM, the only machine still around from the original DoddsNET, never lacks for exercise. - Built by Maverick and summarily browbeaten by Fleuret, this chintzy-cased P100 is happy with its 24 MB of RAM and 2.2 GB of drive space. This DoddsNET outpost on the Eastern Seaboard fancies itself a nuclear submarine, and fears nothing but Fleuret herself (and the occasional hurricane)! - If Aphrodite was the goddess of love, then we can conclude from these specs that love truly is blind. Runt of its litter, the 486SX has hardly grown stronger as it has aged, and with the weatherworn copy of Windows 3.11 it runs on 4MB of RAM, it would appear to be the only 16-bit machine remaining in the Dodds arsenal. Poor Harmoney. - Talon23 certainly seems to have a thing for numbers. Yet another big machine to be brought home to Dodds in the recent past, Area51 is a Pentium II 233 sporting 64MB of RAM and 4.2GB of drive space. The owner promises that we might see it converted to a linux box in the near future, so keep your fingers crossed. - Aptly named, this linux-grokking P133 is <twitch> the home of the most psychotic of the DoddsNET sysadmins. It sports 32MB of RAM and a couple gig of drive space. Word is that its owner may soon be trading it in for a larger <munch> padded cage. - One of the few DoddsNET machines that doesn't attend Iowa State, this AMD K6-200 called dilbert and its owner both live in the Davenport area. The ideal 'diskless workstation,' this box with 32MB of RAM and a 4.3GB hard drive--but no floppy--is still in the process of being upgraded. - Some people would look at this P-200 and call it a wonder of modern technology, but not me. I call it... a PIECE OF SHIT! This isn't a computer, it's a MICROSOFT-INFESTED caricature of a machine, dumbed down so that it's clueless owner, who only WISHES he ran anything as noble as linux, can check his email without tripping over his fat, power-hungry fingers. It's sad to see the glory of the microchip brought low by the likes of an NT-worshipping, toenail-wielding train chaser with less spine than your average sappy pornographic, paperback romance novel.
But hey... it's an imperfect world. Right, Nathan? The baby of DoddsNET, Maverick's personal workstation is a P-200 with 96Mb of RAM and 10Gb of disk space. Fortunately for the rest of the world, its owner obligingly slows it down to 386 speeds by running NT 4 on it. - Once a not-so-fearsome warrior, this stubborn avatar was captured by the Vorlon. Since its entry into servitude, this Pentium 200/MMX Linux laptop (still not clothed in proper white) has become important in the development of many Linux tools related to security and networking. - Despite its name, this now off-campus machine is anything but hozed. Yet another tribute to the grandeur and subtle power of Linux, once ran MacOS, but has since been cured. - Still in the infant stages of its conversion, the P133 belonging to DoddsNET's own dead astronomer has recently learned to dual boot. But it has time yet to grow, as "the Pentium downstairs" also still lives at home in Davenport. - The newest machine to be brought to Dodds, max is also the biggest by far as a 300MHz Pentium II with 48MB of RAM and 6.4GB of drive space. Gearmesh brings us this beast, and is kind enough to make the rest of us feel terrible by letting his machine run full speed ahead by installing linux and by refraining from installing NT. - This box was once a 486/66 with 8MB of RAM before one of the last remaining First Ones began to make "modifications." Now, minbar proudly serves the Vorlon as a P166 with 32MB of RAM and ample drive space for any Linux installation, with room left over for a Babylon 5 archive. - Prophets usually have the power of the gods behind them. Although not a god, the Linux Godfather holds the marionette to this speaker for the dead. Of course, this 533MHz DEC Alpha with 64MB RAM and a 4GB hard drive (running Linux, of course) usually gets by just fine without divine intervention. - This machine, which until now has been consigned to a bleak existence in a far-distant tower, is the property of the most active ghost the Iowa State campus has ever seen. - The product of an experimental merger of raw power and modern electronics, there can be no doubt that sd90mac is the territory of a true railfan. The owner of DoddsNET's sole PPro200 started down the right track this summer when he installed RedHat Linux. - The wooliest of all the DoddsNET boxxen, this cute PB Pentium 75 baas acknowledgement to all that pass nearby. The 8MB of RAM and decent sized hard drive running Linux (and Windows) makes an adequate machine for DoddsNET's resident Business administrator, Harmoney. - Next in the list of sysadmin owned and operated machines is viper, Spidey's home machine. This Gateway P133 tower has 32MB of RAM, 1.6GB of drive space, and better speakers than any of the others. - Everyone has their own little world they live in, and Wonderland is madhatr's. This temple to insanity is a Packard Bell (ouch) P233 with 32MB of RAM and 5GB of drive space. We all just wish it had a better label on the front. Maybe we could fix that with a Dremel.

Named Machines Elsewhere - Excelsior, alas, is no longer with us. Once the biggest machine on DoddsNET (A Pentium 100 with 16MB of RAM and 2.8GB of drive space using a Micronics motherboard), it has now been stripped for parts and sold to make way for newer and better machines. - This machine, formerly Fleuret's aged Frankenstein, is on indefinite leave after an ill-fated trip to North Carolina. Gutted to serve the interests of technological advancement, this 486DX/2-80-turned-66 and its mutant motherboard might find work as a power supply, if that. - Earthdome to one of the DoddsNET sysadmins, geneva is reconquered on a regular basis every time Vorlon returns home and finds a need for a Pentium-grade windows box for such pablum as graphic mangling, word reprocessing, or the playing of games. - Alas, this old laptop had one too many run-ins with the side of a van. It's old 100MHz 486/dx4 processor now powers DoddsNET's flagship, norad. As for the rest of it... well, it's no longer in one piece. - The only other holdover from the original DoddsNET, mercury has more or less been retired from active service. It's still around, somewhere, though, and may one day be called upon to act as a nice terminal or something. - Another powerhouse, this cetaceous PPro 200 sports 128MB of RAM, an 8GB hard drive, and a 100base-T connection to the Net. We just wish it was ours, instead of belonging to Psycho's employer. - Have you ever noticed that some school administrators just don't Get It? We certainly have. You can thank one batch of such !clued for this entry featuring neptune, a 486 running Debian Linux in the dark dungeons of an unnamed Oregon high school. While geneva may serve for pablum, neptune is the spot where new flavors of mush are being developed.
(To any of the aforementioned administrators who may be watching: no, we won't remove the DNS entry, so don't bother asking. If you won't provide hostnames for machines in your jurisdiction, then I will. So sue me, I have better things to do with my time than memorize your IPs.) - One of only two networked machines in existence belonging to an Amish midi composer, this box makes its home in tropical Pennsylvania, where it is host to a PSU student and his associates. According to its linux-friendly guardian, planet0 is a P75 happily overclocked to 90MHz with 40MB RAM and 3.0GB drive space. But we all know it's just a clever front for the Roland Soundcanvas inside. - The so-called "$27 system," planet1 shows that the virtue of thrift still holds true in the computing world. At $10 for the VLB 486 motherboard, $15 for the FITH 486SX/33 and $2.00 for the IBM-AT case (the rest having been scrounged for free), the second charge of our PennState affiliate is at the very least loyal. Clearly, however, as with other astronomical bodies, lower numbers here denote greater luminescence. - Another machine belonging to DoddsNET's self-styled maverick, tehachapi is a P-166 MMX laptop with 32Mb of RAM and 2.1Gb of disk space. - wedway is mine. Fuck off. Peoplemover for a family in Davenport, wedway is a 386 with 8MB of RAM and a 40MB hard drive that serves as a linux masquerading box. Despite its extreme age, it is probably one of the stablest machines on the Dodds roster, and it even finds time to run a client when it's not shuffling packets. Mr. Disney would be proud! - Maverick's gift to Angela, who is now gone from the confines of the Doddsian nest. Generally inaccessible from the network, we include yukon in the listing here simply because we can.

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